Contact after a breakup etiquette?

Hi all,

Just to set the scence: I was essentially dumped by a girl whilst being told she has no idea why things just stopped and gave me no reason, and was told that she didn't want to pursue things with me - I assume this also includes friendship. Was also to told not to message her because she may not want to reply or talk. It's been 1 month since that incident in which I replied I don't agree with or like the decision but I will respect it and give you space. I also asked for my things to be returned if she wanted a clean break.

Now for my issue: She has openly displayed pictures of her wearing some of my things and has changed her pattern of minimal social media to more of an extreme use. Her actions seem to be contradicting her words, or so it seems. I have given her the space she requested and not messaged her since that day about 1 month ago.

Questions: I'm feeling like I am ready to start talking to her again however I am not sure if I should?
She said she may not feel like talking so should I extend an olive branch so to speak?
Or should I just continue to wait it out and see if she contacts me?
She seems to be contradicting words and actions and because things ended so quickly I am not sure whether rekindling a romance is on her mind or just friends?

She is also quite introverted and private if that makes any difference. Help to understand or what to do would be great


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What Girls Said 1

  • No sweet she os just bored and obviously having no male attention sorry to be so blunt if she wants you make her FO the running that way u will know if she does like ya and not just the fact she knows u will come running xxx

    • What do you mean by FO?

What Guys Said 1

  • Man NEVER be the guy who gets dumped and then wants to talk and visit with the girl who dumped him. Do not be that guy. I know it sucks, you wanted more out of it, it makes no sense, etc. But it's past time to move on. :) Cut your losses now and do not look back.

    You'll do great. Do not give her another thought. Good luck.

    • I agree, I was just thinking in a moment of weakness that maybe I should try to be friends. But at the end of the day she cut things off so her loss. Thanks anywayz

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