How do I convince my boyfriend to Not Breakup with me?


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  • Why he wants to break up with you? Maybe you can beg him not to and plead with him why you and him should stay and be together.

    • Because he "says" I'm a "Bitch " , and i dont help out around here. But that not true... he takes offense to literally EVERYTHING I say! I could just be trying to explain something and he cuts me off n starts yelling at me , i could just simply say 1thing, he'll take offense, i could just say its warm outside-he'll take it the wrong way , and morph it into something offensive. So its not me being a Bitch. What happens is i hold it all in... and not say nothing. They i blow up. but he doesn't understand that i guess. And for helping out i would have no problem except for he NAGGSconstently! And his mother lives with him, she's on oxygen- but it gets old when she's Always just There! All she does is Watch that Fuckin TV. And she's the most Lazy person I've Ever met! I just hate having to clean Around her , and she just sits there watching me! And doesn't even offer to help. And not only that he calls his friend over to help him , like i can't ever do it, Like his friend is the girlfriend.

    • He shouldn't be taken offense to everything you say. It sucks he is acting like that. And treating you that way because that is not fair or right. True he shouldn't be calling you the b word. Also the thing with his mom sounds like a lot of work and intense. He shouldn't be calling his friend over to help him clean. That isn't fair or right.

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  • You can't. Don't force him to stay if he doesn't want to.


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  • Couples need to communicate, compromise and cooperate. You need to find out why he wants to break up, then see if there is anything reasonable you can do help the situation and then maintain that to keep both you and him happy.

  • I takes two to tango.
    As far as I know this isn't possible.

    Besides, if you have to convince someone to stay with you... well you might want to reconsider attempting to do so.

    • That is what i Always tell him ( in a Relationship, it takes two. Not just one.) but he disagrees.

  • You can't "convince" him because he's already made his mind up.


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