Why do I feel like I need him to tell he's over me?

We broke up 6 months ago because of distance, remained something like friends via texts only, and here i am almost sending him a message to ask him to tell me he's over me. What's wrong with me? Should i sent it? What would you guys think? Helllp xx


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  • Do not send that message. It will make you appear clingy and needy. So first of all how often are you both talking? What do you talk about? Has there been any flirting between you? Light teasing? Knowing most guys, mentioning your past relationship might cause him to put some distance between you both. Have you met up in person since the break up?

    • We are talking once or twice each months. We talk about holidays, how school goes,... When there were attacks in Parishe asked me to take care (we're fFrench ) and before Christmas we talked a lot, with small flirting and reading. He would say he was in the train to come and see me, teased me saying Iwas cute but sometimes bad tempered but that he thought it was a good thing, talked about how he's flatmate was getting on his nerve by being too noisy while sex... We agreed on mmeeting during the holidays, but in the end it did not hhappened and as Ifelt hurt i tried to take my distance again. One month later he asked me when i was leaving for my student exchange. At that time we could have tried to meet again since we where both back in our hometown but I was scared of asking him, and he did not aske eeither. And either since i ccan't stop thinking about him. WWhat do you think I should do? Thanks !

    • Increase the talking again. Make it so that you're texting each other at least every other day, if not everyday. One or 2 texts max. Then move to calls after a couple of weeks. Then ask to meet up. If he wants to meet before. Then go for it

  • nope not messaging you is a message to dear.
    please you're self worth is more than that I know it's hard but put you don't have to work this hard.
    focus on someone that deserves your attention and would give you same attention too !

    • Even if he does initiate our cconversations and ask for news? Deep down I know that yyou're right but iI can't help thinking what if he feels the same way but is too proud to ask? What if he said is not over me and just this possibility makes me want to put my pride aside and take that (huge) risk... :/

    • guys are pretty simple if they really like a women they don't beat sround the bush and is nor shy or to proud to let u know.
      if he contacts you again that's fine but be clear on your relation to him.

  • Wanting to send that text means that you can't move on until he does. Send it if you need to.


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