Does my ex still think of me/miss me?

We dated for almost two years and broke up beginning of October 2015. We talked here and there and it usually ended badly because I was still hurt from what he put me through. The last contact we had was December 2015 and he told me he missed and will always miss me. But me being hurt I told him I was going to forgive and forget him. I haven't been one of those crazy exs. I've left him alone. I haven't stalked his social media. Altogether I've just stayed hidden. Well he started dating this girl and they've been together for a month. A week into their new relationship I caught him stalking my Facebook. How? Because he accidentally liked something from a year ago that I posted. Mind you we aren't even friends on social media. Do you think this is his attempt to get over me? Do you think he still thinks about me? Or do you think he's completely over me? He gave me a ring at one point and even said I was the girl he wanted to marry. When we hit a rough patch he told me he wished we'd gotten together 5 years from now so we could just get married. I hate to ramble on but I need some advice. I still love the bastard and miss him everyday. I don't know what to do. But I want him back. Can anyone please help?


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  • It's hard to say because there's not really much on how he's acting with the new girl. Did he call you and does he try to contact you while he's with this new girl? If so she's the rebound. You definitely have a chance once their honeymoon period is over. How long have they been together? And do you talk to your ex at all?

    • The last time we talked was the end of December and I was hurt and told him I was going to forgive and forget him. After he told me he missed me and always will. Every time we had communication it was him initiating it. That's really the last contact we had. Other than him liking a picture. The girls the complete opposite of me except for the fact I'm naturally a blonde but dyed my hair darker because that's what he liked. His birthdays coming up the beginning of March and I was thinking about using that as a window to finally reach out to him. But I don't know what to say other than happy birthday hope all is well. I don't want to seem overemotional. I want him to be interested and want to respond back and have a conversation. I've talked to a few friends and they've all said he's tired of being along and trying to feel the emptiness and void he feels from me no longer being there. He admitted to me before that he's had dreams about me being there still. And I still have them.

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    • :) x Anytime. And I know exactly how you feel. But it's a great sign that even his family know how amazing you are. Hmm it's hard to say because I don't know him personally. When I sent my ex a message I didn't expect a reply, and prepared myself for that knowing how stubborn he is. If he's around the new girl quite often I'd expect a reply in a couple of days. But (if you'd like a bit of science and stats to back this up, it's definitely out there), almost all exes get back in touch at some point. So I honestly think it will depend on whether he finds the message interesting enough, and it's a matter of when, not if.

    • Well I figured I'd use a double memory kind of the thing. The movie I used was one we saw together in theaters and the second was one of the happiest moments we shared where we both laughed so hard we cried. But so far nothing. Whenever his other exs texted him he replied to them normally in a negative manner given their history. But I'm nothing like them. At all.

  • Hey, if you like him and want him back, go talk to him and ask him out again. If he doesn't want that he will say no, you got nothing to lose.


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