Would you be angry?

If you told your ex (him) that you missed them and always would and they (me) responded "I'm going to forgive and forget you" would you be angry?

so after a two months of silence you text them and they don't respond. Could that be a reason?


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  • You question is a little messed up. Did he say he misses you and you responded that you wnat to forget him or is it the other way around?

    Because your question said you told him you miss him... then you respond you're going to forget you... WTF?

    If She said she wanted to forget me I wouldn't expect a response or call.
    If She misses me and I said I wanted to forget her, I would respond to her calls.

    • Sorry basically he told me he missed me and always would but I was angry and hurt and said I'd forgive and forget him. So after two months of silence I reached out to him and he didn't respond. would you be angry still?

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    • So you broke up over something stupid?

      I've never meet anybody that was kind enough to say why they want to break it off. Everybody wants closure, But everyone is too chicken and use the silent treatment to end things.. which I have no respect for/hate. I usually get so angry at that, that I do things to get a response... make them so angry that they now have a reason to act like that.

    • Yup basically. We didn't even have a real break up where you actually end it in person. It was basically all done through texting. Where he just stopped contacting me and gave me some bullshit about how he still loved me and wanted to see me. I think he's going to be the one that's like "I was young and there so was much to see in the world but looking back she was damn near perfect for me" if that's even what guys do. I have no clue

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