So I texted my ex for the first time since December 2015. Will he respond?

We haven't spoken in two months and each time he started it. The last thing he said was he would always miss me. Flash forward to where we are now... We haven't spoken and he recently just started dating this girl a month ago. I haven't tried reaching out to him before. I haven't blown up his phone. I've basically left him alone. I didn't want to be a crazy ex girlfriend just the opposite. The text I sent was

"I just got done watching the new fast and the furious and it made me think back to when you took me out in your car and did doughnuts in the field. "

So far he hasn't responded. Do you think he will? Why or why not?

Ps- he told me I was the best thing to ever happen to him and he wanted to marry me. I never cheated or was unfaithful. I was there for him in his darkest and ugliest of times. However, he broke my heart quite a few times and I forgave him. Please help!


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  • He started dating a new woman and you text him. What's really going on here?

    • Before he even started dating her I've wanted him back but I've been scared of the rejection that could come with it if I reached out to him. It's not like I was a horrible girlfriend or person towards him. A week into dating her he was Facebook stalking me. I know this because he liked something and we aren't even friends on Facebook.

    • Your relationship ended. It didn't work. Get over it and find someone else. If you get back together you'll break up again

  • We just can't know, it's hard to say. If he answers, it's understandable according to what you said he once said. If he doesn't answer though, it's also understandable since you're his ex... hard to tell.

    • As a guy would you respond? If you had this girl and once claimed you'd marry her but you hurt her so badly she left. And two months after not hearing from her she texts you. What would you do? Including the fact you have a new relationship. I mean together only for a month. Would you respond to her?

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    • How would I go about getting him to respond? I mean I don't want to be clingy, annoying or come off as a psycho. I basically want him to know I still care and love him without being overemotional and pushing him away.

    • Sending a message apologizing and telling him the truth, telling him why you're sending the message. I think it will make it clear for him and perhaps he'll answer.

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  • I would let him go if you were the best thing that ever happened to him then he wouldn't be with that other girl , you don't just stop loving someone

    • I agree. It's like we broke up maybe 4 months ago and we were together for two years. It's like I've never stopped loving him (obviously or I wouldn't be wringing this post) he hasn't responded. Part of me feels like he's trying to punish me for telling him I wanted to forget him. And the part feels like he's really trying to move on. He always said he never wanted to start over with someone new because of what he had. Hell a week into his new relationship he was creeping on my Facebook. I just don't get why he wouldn't respond. It's not like I haven't done anything to him. I miss the fucker everyday. I just don't know what to do

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