Is my ex playing mind games with me? Help?

My ex and I had a bit of an argument so I didn't text him for a bit. Then he texted me after a week telling me that he was sorry. I accepted his apology and we had a light/friendly convo over text. Then he just stopped responding and still hasn't replied after almost a week. Why would he just ignore me, like what did I do?


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  • He's either busy, or he's playing mind games with you. How long ago did you guys break up?

    • We broke up a month ago.

    • Then i would say he's getting used to you not being around so he's going to text you on and off cause you're whats familiar to him.

  • It sounds like a mind game, my ex broke up with me then tried texting a month later and I blew up on him because he would t respond to my messages


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