How and when to start talking again to your ex?

How do you do it ? Its been 6 months, I was left for another man after our two year relationship came to a halt. They are still together but I don't think she is happy. I want her to know that I still care about her. There hasn't been any communication at all ... and recently I realized that I had feelings for her again. Not just because of loneliness but I am dreaming about her constantly ... I miss her :(.

Please help me.


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  • I feel your pain. she is going to do what she wants. there is nothing you can say to her to get her back. she has to figure it out for herself, and maybe she will or she won’t.

    but you need to work on your own self and drop all communication with her... make yourself disappear. that way she will miss you. have her miss you.

    the more you try to contact her the more you seem needy and clingy. and other than that it is going to just take time.

    • I agree with you exactly ... except we haven't kept in touch at all since everything happened. So like I've done everything correctly, but why isn't she even sending a Facebook message.

      It makes me feel like sh*t, like I wasn't good enough to even call back ... almost makes me feel worse than the cheating itself.

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