Cheating with permission?

Please be open minded with this question. You don't know my full circumstances and you don't know what I'm feeling so please try to understand where I'm coming from. OK, in my past I wasn't really a slut, but my boyfriend thinks I was and has a lot of retroactive jealousy because of it. I asked him if cheating on me once or twice would make him feel better and he said maybe, yeah.

I said he could go out and hook up with a girl at a bar, but then I thought more about it and realized I was risking a lot since he can keep communicating with her and an emotional bond could start. He said maybe an escort would be a better idea if I was so concerned about him hooking up with a normal girl. I said yeah an escort sounds better 'cause you know she's just doing her job and there's no possibility of an emotional affair.

However, escorts are way hotter than me! At least the ones from reputable agencies. They all have big, perky boobs (mine are small), are incredibly thin with defined abs (I'm normal weight), nice legs, perky, firm, round butts and no cellulite! I'm afraid that even if it's a one time deal he'll enjoy escort sex better and be turned off by my body.

Like I said please don't judge, and this is a genuine question, he has horrible problems with my past, but I love him so much and I'm desperate to make this work. A friend of his had similar issues with his girlfriend's past, he cheated on her (behind her back though) and then she found out, but they overcame it and they're happy now. So I know that there's a chance it may help, and that there's also a chance it won't but please I'm just desperate for a solution here.
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Of course I told him that under any of those circumstances if he is to cheat to PLEASE use condoms, even for oral.
Cheating with permission?
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