Should I contact my ex?

We ended on good terms he just needed time and said he would be back for me when he had sorted his head out.
i got upset about 10 days ago so he drove to my house to comfort me (and no we didn't have sex just watched a film and he cuddles me)
he said it was nice to see me and I sort of blew him off saying I just needed to see if there still was anything between us before we could be friends and I was always there for him.
i haven't heard or spoken to him since.. I was meant to do no contact and whatever.. But am scared he thinks he has no chance and is getting over it himself!
do I
A) send him a message saying that I am finding the break up hard and be honest
B) suck it up and wait for him to come back to me and continue NC (he did dump me after all)
C) message him asking if he wants to do something or how he has been?

  • Text him with feelings and honesty
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  • Keep quiet wait for him to come to you
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  • Text him asking about him
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  • if you want him back and he seems interested in getting back together then tell him just that.

  • I would like her to text me, but my family would respect her if she didn't... fail. :)

  • If you want him back that bad try luring him back with sex

    • Not putting out until we are official haha.. And his sex drive isn't that high for a guy. Mine is higher

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