Guys, How men can get over a break up easily?

I need ure advice men what should I do to get over a break up easily.. I'm struggling


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  • its as simple as realizing

    because you shouldn't give even two fucks for a person who isn't right for you

    the breakup was much needed, so be grateful for it and move the fuck on :P right XD

  • 1: Never cared in the first place
    2: The girl was so despicable, disgust and anger did it for us
    3: We're hiding it. We tend to cry alone.

  • It is quite presumptuous of you to think that men can get over a break up easily. I could just as easily say that about women..

    I feel it is more of a personal trait than of the gender, as individuals we tend to dwell on past memories and experiences, its our greed that make it impossible for us to let go.

    I would suggest you occupy your time and thoughts by other things, like reading, watching a movie or a tv show.

    You should try to go out, even if alone. Go to the park for a walk or go take a swim.

    feel better soon.


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