How do I let go?

I've been sinfully playing with this colleague of mine for 4months now. We both married and please no judgments. It started with emails and then more sexually related ones and of course it led to sex. We made attempts to stop but each time he mails me innocently and after a day or two we back in the same rut again...Lately it became weird in a sense that we talk a lot and he even didn't want me to go home co's he felt we were getting kinda close to each other...I had to leave. It was for the better anyway. We will try our best not to mail each other for days on end and then he starts mailing me or talking to me in the office again and we back to the beginning. I feel like a teenager when we talk and when he stares at me..we have stolen glances and little touches, but nothing intense and yet I cant' let go...I need to let go, but each time we do I feel this emptiness ...amiss. It's weird. I can't bear the thought of hurting my husband if he knew neither can I bear the thought of hurting his wife if she knew, that's y it should stop, but I can't...I can see that he can't either!We sit in the same office and he has mentioned that he needs to move to another office co's he feels drawn to me every do I let go. Somebody stop me!


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  • "Can't" is when you have a gun against your head. "Won't" is when you don't. You can, you just don't want to. This is the truth and you know it.

    You don't want to stop because the attention you get from this guy which your husband doesn't gives you drives you crazy. On top of that, it's completely taboo as you're married, he's married AND you work together. That's like having sex in a public to avoid getting a speeding fine - it's so incredibly naughty it gives you a rush.

    If you can't say no then you're going to crumble sooner or later and end up comitting infidelity. Do you want a divorce? Do you want to smash your husbands faith in women completely?

    Thought not - SAY NO. IT'S NOT DIFFICULT.


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  • You need to get your life together your too old to fool around and act like a teenager again you are married already have some dignity.

  • Find a new job. Remove him from your life permanently.


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