If I hadn't been so clingy after the break up would we have gotten back together?

dated for two and a half years. we were best friends. he told me I was the love of his life, that we would get married, that he'd always love me and would never find someone like me, etc. then one time I found a text on his phone to another girl saying he was so done with me. a month later he told me he had cheated on me. then he dumped me. he said we would absolutley get back together in the future but he needed space. he told me he was always going to love me. I didn't understand why if he still lived me why we werent together and I didn't give him space and was clingy because I was so upset by all this. he got annoyed and said things were done. i found out he had sex with another girl a week after breaking up with me. then we started hanging out again and I didn't act clingy at all, even had him begging to hang out with me. it seemed like he still had feelings as he treated me the same way he did when we were dating. then he told me he was just using me and was in another relationship. im blocked on all social media and his phone. if i hadn't been so clingy after the original break up might we have gotten back together?


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    why do you want to be with a loser. Guy always wonder why nice girl date losers, and this is it.
    You weren't clingy, no guy needs space, he was trying to break up with you and didn't know how to do it.
    Find a real man that will treat you right and won't cheat.


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  • It was Not You Being 'Clingy," it was Him Having Cold Duck Feet that Caused This... Defeat.
    It's Obvious he was Not Ready Nor Raring to be in a Real Relationship. He proved to be Untrustworthy, a Cheat Sheet, and even If you had been this Model Girlfriend with no End, he Still would Have Wandered Back into this Murky Immature water.
    It was your Heart from the Start that Caused you even to have Feelings for a loser. And from where I am sitting, it would always 'End' up to be a Full Circle Problem Pattern Because... He told me he was Using me and was in another relationship.
    Your Biggest Mistake was Allowing yourself to become his Enabler... He mistook your Kindness for Weepy Weakness.
    He is so done.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Why are you thinking you did something wrong? The guy cheated on you, he is the bad guy and you deserve better. Even if you were clingy after the break up, you do not deserve to feel like you are to blame for everything. The right guy won't cheat on you and won't tell you that he needs space. Stop blaming yourself. You do not need this guy.

  • I'm sorry to break this to you but it wouldn't have mattered. It sounds like he was trying to break up with you in a too nice way that it wasn't clear. I had the same thing with my ex-boyfriend. He said we could try dating again after his exams, but he grinded some other girl at the school dance nest week. Not as extreme as what your guy did though. Try to get over him.


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