Girls, why would she delete a photo of us? We weren't even in a serious relationship?

This girl and I weren't even in a relationship, just had a little fling, but stopped seeing each other two months ago. We had a photo of us together on Facebook but she has recently deleted it. She NEVER deletes ANYTHING on Facebook, literally. She has the most random photos on her profile, so why would she delete this innocent little photo? It was just a fling.

WHY would she do that? I didn't think there were any serious feelings involved? I only delete photos of a girl when I'm really hurt and don't want a reminder of the pain. Can some of you girls help me?


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  • She might have met another guy and didn't want him to see a pic of her and. You together.

    • I think you might think the photo had us holding hands or looking like a couple - it didn't. In fact, no one would ever suggest anything like that when looking at the photo. It was just a normal photo of us standing next to each other, very friendly. So I don't think you're right. I get that if it implied I was someone she was with once that she might delete it if she met a new guy, but she has tons of photos like that on her Facebook, which is why I don't understand why she deleted the one with me and her.

  • Well I think that she has feelings for you... Because there is no reason to do it if she didn't care

    • What's the point of deleting it though? It's just a photo.

    • For u is just a photo but for her maybe its more... Maybe she doesn't want to remember you or she knows that u don't have feelings for her

    • Ok, but why doesn't she just delete me from Facebook then?

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