My boyfriend is moving out of state. Any advice?

We've been dating for only a couple months, but I can already see that we really belong together, and love each other. He found out recently that he's moving out of state for a job opportunity with his family. We have talked about me moving with him eventually and it's something I really desire.

The only thing is that I won't be able to move right away until we save enough money for an apartment. That could take a few months. Although he doesn't have wanderlust or anything, I still have fears that he may meet someone in the time we are apart or our love will fade.

Does anyone have any advice about how to make things work out while we are apart? Has anyone made this kind of situation work before? My heart is telling me the right thing to do is to stay with him.


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  • be patient. If this is a true match, he is not going to bail on you. I suggest you slow down. Moving in with him is a huge decision with consequences. See how he LEADS in this.

    • Thank you, I tend to take the lead in big situations like this and it frustrates me that he hasn't yet. We had anticipated this happening before and in that time he took initiative. I just hope he still feels the same...

    • I know you want this, but if you lead it will fall apart. The more independent and fabulous you are the more likely he will be planning to keep you.

    • Thanks, I intend to do just that. I try and keep a level head and do my own thing but I get weak when he and I are alone. I'll just try to stay strong :)

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