He has slowly started contacting me again. Not sure what to think?

A guy I got emotionally involved with for a couple of months ended things because he decided to stay in his current relationship, which he had originally told me he was ending. The ending was respectful between us. A little over a month after ending it he has slowly been building up to contacting me. First he started visiting my profile on Facebook more, then I know he saw me on fb but neither of us said anything and I signed off first. Then last Tuesday he added me back to MSN. Then I got a weird message from him on MSN with a sexually charged link the other day. I assumed it was spam and didn't reply. Then today he sent me a message on MSN saying that he saw a post I had made about a huge snowstorm that had hit my area, and asking how I'm doing, but signed off before I could respond. I sent him a short, casual response on FB, but I'm not sure what to make of his behavior? Please Help...I am still so heartbroken over this guy.


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  • Why do you think he is contacting you again after he first told you off that he wants nothing to do with you due to his prior relationship?


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