Girls, Do you ever want an ex back even if your in a new relationship?

Do you ever want your ex back even if you're the one who broke up with them? What if you left cause you found someone new? Would you consider going back? How would you feel if you had to see them everyday while you're with your new mate?


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  • How about of the roles were reveresed. As a guy would you want your ex back even though you're seeing someone else now? Let's say the girl never wronged you and genuinely loved you but you let her go. Would you want her back?

    • Yes, why not? Lets reset the roles, hbu? Would want him back?

  • I normally give two chances if he fucks up each time it's done

    • You ever had feelings for them even if your with someone else?

    • What do you mean by fucks up? What if he did everything you asked for?

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