He cheated on mr, and left now what?

Okay, so I know the obvious answer most would day. Leave his sorry ass. But I can't leave when he already left. Story short almost together for 3 years, a relationship with our ups and downs. Haven't fought or had problems for months, then boom. Our anniversary comes and he says he loves me and thankyou so much for the smiles and memories and he is not ashamed he loves me. A week passes and this Sunday his replyes are off Monday morning he tells me he checked Saturday evening. When I get the rest of my answers. I found out he did not sleep with another girl but he did kiss her, years before though he'd say he hoped he'd never do this, aka vheat, if he were too, he would leave, so he's kissed a girl and he told me and left the relationship this morning. and he told me he did not want to try and get back together. so my answer should be to move on. but it's hard too especially since I'm still in shoke, he saidhe loved me the same evening he kissed someone else. He texted me later in the day to inform me that his sisters long term boyfriend broke up woth her. AnD that he hates life. Meanwhile I informed him I hope she's okay and not to hate his life. Because everyone has a life worth living he responded with nah.
He proceeded to ask how I was, wish me a good life, and then ask me to stop texting him. I made one last remark about his sister and said that was pathetic. Yet when I challenged him to explain how sizing two people who have been in a long term relationship was pathetic he did not reply. And I did not send any more messages.
Now I look to see on his snapchat he has but a black take with the words" puta madre" on it. I don't know if that was a reference to me. Or to him starting to realize more into what he did. I feel I should wait but another part of me is just dissapointed. Has this worked out for anyone else? Did you ever cheat again? Why did you take them back or didnt?
He also posted something on another social media sote saying no fucks given and a selfies of himself sitting outside on his porch.
I'm very confused on whether or not he is sorry or if he had any feelings left for me at all or is upset at what he did. And therfore is blocking out feelings. So instead of feeling guilt he feels nothing.
He knows I can see his posts. But he has not replied back to my text.
I know I should just try to move on but it hurts.


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  • Wow.. he is all over the board! I had something similar to this. He said he loves you and you guys were together for 3 years... so he's got to mean. At least I think? But he did kiss another girl. Maybe he made that mistake and is ashamed that's why he is pushing you away. Refer back to how he handled his mistakes during the relationship. He could be pushing you away because he is disappointed in himself and doesn't know how to deal with it. And he is realizing what he did was wrong.
    Once someone cheats on me... that's the final straw. That's it. It is done. No more. I do not tolerate cheating.


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