Just hooked up with my ex who has a girlfriend, why?

So my ex and I were trying to be friends, we broke up 6 months ago. He has a new girlfriend and always flirty texts me and says stuff that's not friend material. I always get mad at him for not respecting his girlfriend. Then today he came over and we ended up hooking up. After I asked if he still had a girlfriend and he said ya. What should I do? We can't be friends we have tried and it's never worked. What's his deal?

by hooking up I mean messing around
This is what he said.. don't worry about it everything will work out. It happened for a reason it will be fine
I asked him to tell her and he said he was not going to do anything about it and just stay the same. So I said we should give our friendship a rest because I don't like you at all right now.


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  • How would YOU feel when he is your boyfriend and flirts with other girls?

    • Awful. I was not completely sure if they were still dating. But now I do and I feel so so bad. I feel like she should know but I don't want to be the one to tell her. Do you think I should remain friends with him? Or our attempt at friendship

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  • Why would you want to be friends with a person who treats his girlfriend like this? Do you think any girl deserves this?


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  • he doesn't respect his girlfriend and probably doesn't respect you either.

    you can't be friends so why are you dealing with him? the guy sounds like a total douche there is really nothing good he can add to your life but drama and sex. that's all he wants too


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