Is he a narcissist?

Broke up with my ex recently it was a hard decision because I really liked him a lot but he lied throughout our whole relationship and was secretly online dating. Since the break up I'm thinking over his actions and wondering if he's a narcissist, I've been in a relationship with one before however his actions were slightly different so I'd appreciate any insight or opinions as I want to figure out why I attract these types of men! 3 Month relationship Beginning stages extremely flattering called and text excessively daily, claimed an instant connection that he hadn't felt in years. First time we had sex said he wanted to give me babies. Two weeks in asked me to be his girlfriend and said he could see me having kids with him and living together. Would tell me how addicted to me he was and how much he missed me, then the next today would randomly ignore despite me seeing he was online talking to others. Disappeared randomly then would call me excessively if I did not answer the phone. Would send multiple texts if I didn't reply straight away. Talked about other girls and how they give him lots of attention ( I felt he did this to see if I would get jealous but I wouldn't react) lied a lot denied still being online dating despite me seeing he was active. First time I broke up with him he begged me back 2nd time after him still being online I broke up with him and he added over 100 girls on Facebook literally a day after despite telling me he was addicted to me and couldn't stop thinking about me 2 days before. Would critisise me and blame me for things in a "nice" way because he "cared" stupidly went back to him he admitted it was his fault for the breakup and then told me he added his ex girl on Facebook who he's had a crush on for years. When I asked why he's pursuing other girls instead of trying to get me back he said he's been "depressed" and suicidal hence why he hadn't tried. Told me I'm lazy in sex despite saying our sex was amazing in the beginning. Thoughts?


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  • He sounds like my ex. Mister perfect in the beginning then the lying with social media and emotionally cheating with other girls. Meanwhile you sit there and treat him like gold and you're there through all of his bullshit. And yet he still leaves you. It's pathetic and sad of someone could do that to someone who genuinely loves them for they are flaws and all.


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