Why does she still talk to me?

my girlfriend and I dated for 10 months and we broke up about two months ago. she said she didn't feel it anymore, and this happened after a big fight with drama. for a few weeks we didn't really talk, but then I went on vacation and she seemed to start convos with me via msn, and text again. the convos are very similar to how we used to talk minus the flirting and pet names etc, but we talk nearly as much as we did when we were dating. I'm just curious as to why she would show this interest in me again. I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me in that way anymore, but she doesn't talk to me like she talks to her other guy friends either. what could it be? there have been times when I have initiated the convo as well so its not like she starts everything, but even when I begin a convo she is right there to respond almost as fast as I ask the question. she always says weird things that would indicate that she wants me in her life, but not always in a romantic way. yet its different than "just friends". she has never been one to play games either, never has, never will be.


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  • its obvious its different than "just friends" because you've dated for 10 months, that changes things. maybe she really wants you as a frined friend.

    man, talk to her. first make up your mind, and figure out what it is you really want. then just tell her. if you are not comfortable with the situation then tell her so.


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  • ok,sounds like she's had some time to think things over. also sounds as if maybe she started dating not to long after you guys broke up and it didn't work out for her,so she's trying to rekindle the old flame. be cautious,i'm going through almost the same thing as you only we been apart for about 20 years and she's now married,she calls on a daily basis,always talking about the past and what I'm doing now. so I can relate why your curious about this. look for signs she might be giving as to why she's doing this,might be for closure or mightbe she's in a bad spot right now.


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