Devastated after meeting my ex, after 3 years. Anyone feeling the same?

lately we went out for coffes. We had a good time, at least it was great for me. After that he didn't text or call me. I called him tomorrow just to check how he is, and that's all.
The problem is that now i am feeling devastated. I'm feeling sick and ill and all that. I can barely talk or walk. :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • This is precisely the reason why getting back in contact with an ex is a really bad idea.

    DON'T contact him again, and hopefully things should be back to normal soon.


What Girls Said 2

  • You called him "TOMORROW"! .. Wow, can you see into the future then! lol :)

    • is this suposed to make u laugh?

  • Dear why would you meet up with your ex? it's not healthy you should move on if you keep seeing him then certain feelings just come back you are just torturing yourself.

    • it was a meeting after 3 years. I thought that there are no more feelings left for him.. i was deceived..

    • nope those feelings will always show up whenever you meet him that's why it's better to stop contacting him so you can move on :/

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