Can LDR exes start over as friends?

we broke up a week ago. I had to get over my feelings for him so I ignored him didn't read or answer his messages. So he reached out to our friends to get to me. He really wants to be friends with me. And said he's been upset , lose of sleep, checking his phone and I'm on his mind. I still care for him but I don't think I love him anymore cause I got hurt. But I have a question even tho we are long distance, can we still be friends or start off a friends? I want to work on myself for now and who know maybe in the future maybe something might happen on not. But he needs to prove himself as a friend I think


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  • you speak as if you were my last ex. she had done the same to me and I have to be honest that is a very very painful thing you had done. No, I don't think friendship is an option, especially if you had shared any amounts of emotions and time together. The love for you from him will be yet too strong and will only cause tensions of resentment and jealously. Let go.


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