Can exes start over as friends?

My Ex and I broke up a week ago. He broke it off with me so I had to get over my feelings for him so I ignored him didn't read or answer his messages. I honestly didn't expect him to reach out to me or anything. I thought he moved on. So he reached out to our friends to get to me. Telling them to tell me he wants to talk. He really wants to be friends with me, and said he's been upset, lost of sleep, checking his phone every 15 minute and I'm on his mind. I still care for him but I don't think I love him anymore cause I got hurt. But I have a question even tho we are long distance, can we still be friends or start off a friends? I want to work on myself for now and who know maybe in the future maybe something might happen on not. But he needs to prove himself as a friend I think.


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  • Yes, exes can become friends again.
    This will require time apart though, don't expect to go from being in a relationship right back to just being friends, that doesn't work 99.99% of the time.
    Give yourselves 6 months NO contact at all, then you can start over as friends.


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  • Personally, i don't think they can. It isn't easy to just switch your feelings off for someone , even if they have hurt you. Being friends with an ex just brings complications to future relationships. Besides, life is meant to be travelled forwards... not backwards..

    I couldn't be friends with an "ex" because it would be too painful. Especially when one day he meets someone new. It would be unbearable "watching" someone you still have feelings for... loving someone else.

    It takes an emotionally strong person to be friends with an ex. I don't think i could be that strong. If you are able to do that, then that shows your strength of character.


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  • Im friends with most of my ex's only hangout with two of them
    We even talk about people we are or could date
    So yea i think so


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  • no they can't coz feelings are involved.


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