Im literally obsessed with my ex boyfriend, what can I do?

he hates me. blocked me on all social media and blocked my number. he's all I think about. i make fake accounts to be able to follow him and see what he posts. im still so in love wiht him but he says we will never get back together


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  • i wouldn't tell you to stop, your obsession seems to be at its peak.

    just keep living life and wait for it to run its course.

    • its been going on for nine months...

    • you have to beat this on your own with realization. you already know the logical thing to do, the sound outcome, so realize it and let it happen.

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  • Him blocking you is normal. Guys do with emotions different then we do. Just do no contact rule even if has u blocked.


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  • he's not worth your time or tears please move on and be happy with someone that likes you back.


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