Girls, *Girls who have taken boyfriend actually taken back boyfriend*?

I am curious to know from girls who have actually gotten back together with an ex, what we're some of the reasons?


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  • Not me personally but I have a friend who recently got back with an ex.

    The only reason they broke up in the first place was because he thought she was cheating on him when she wasn't.

    She got another boyfriend who had started to ignore her entirely for days or weeks (can't remember which she said) without explanation so I told her to talk to other people. She said she was and that she was talking to her ex. I asked if he was nice and she said yes and that he wanted her back. I asked if she wanted him back too and she said she did so I told her to break up with the other one and get bk with her ex then and she did.

  • He said he felt bad and I was like okay cause he was really cute so


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