No contact, what to do?

My boyfriend hasn't contacted me since I asked for a break from the relationship a week ago. It seems like he doesn't care as much as I do, and I'm considering moving on...
I keep wanting to contact him, because I miss him. But then I realise that he isn't trying to contact me, so he probably isn't missing me, and I should just let it go. In the past I've always been honest about my feelings and never been mad too long or too seriously, so I also fear that if I text first it's going to reconfirm that he can manipulate me or that I don't have any control/can be treated without care because I'll always come back and all that stuff... ugh should I just chill and move on?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If a girl told me that she wanted a break; I wouldn't text her, either. That's basically like saying, "I don't think I love you," which is a huge gut punch. I would just assume that it's over, and move on.

    Besides which, the person that asked for the break should be the person to try ending the break. How would I know when the break was long enough, if I didn't ask for it, in the first place?

    • But I didn't ask for a break because I wasn't sure of my feelings, I asked for it because he was being an asshole

    • Then why not just break up with him, for good, and be done with it?

      If you're waiting for him to change, that may never happen.

What Girls Said 2

  • move on !

  • I can relate to you.
    I think that since it is only one week out he is probably respecting your decision for a break still.
    I also think however that if you want to talk to him then just send him a simple message (don't be a text gnat) but maybe something like "hey I was just doing ___ and it made me thing of you. How have you been?"
    This is just a suggestion :)
    You said: "if I text first it's going to reconfirm that he can manipulate me". Was he manipulative? Or was he a good boyfriend? If you hadn't been in a relationship but somehow knew what you now know about him, would you consider him to be worthwhile of even a friendship? Did he treat you in ways that if you had a son who treated his girlfriend like this, you would be proud of him? I hope I am not being too intrusive. Just overall trying to give you my insight because you can never get too many opinions in my perspective.
    Good luck xx


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