My ex boyfriend texted me out of nowhere!?

He broke up with me in November out of the blue and told me we needed distance to heal after the break up, so we haven't talked... I just woke up at 5AM because people were blowing up my phone. And I got a message from my ex at 3AM saying hey. I'm thinking he was probably I am afraid to msg him back in the morning, but I don't want to wake him up right now or seem too eager! lol what should I do?! Is there a way I can respond in the morning so he can tell he texted me 1st? Do you think he misses me?


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  • I'm guessing he was thinking of you. Reply whenever you want to, guys aren't the same as girls so when we get a text back straight away, we don't think "OMG NEEDY".

    • I texted him about 5hrs ago. I said "Hey, I just saw your msg from last night. what's up?" .....and he hasn't responded :(.

  • What ever happened? Did you get back together?


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