Guys, how would you feel if your ex reacted this way?

We haven't spoken in 6 months. We didn't end well. But we have a lot of the same friends so every now and then we end up at the same party. I was kind of in the spotlight after I landed the job of my dreams. He came up to me and congratulated me. ... I kinda just said thanks and grinned and gave him the cold shoulder. I think he thought he was doing a nice thing and trying to be friends with me again. I felt like an asshole but it was the first time weve spoken since the breakup and honestly he broke my heart. seeing him triggers all those bad feelings to come back. i am a forgiving person but he's never asked me how i am or if im ok or that he's sorry he hurt me.


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  • Giving cold shoulder was not smooth. You just thanks I am so excited about it. And then never see him again. You will see him at party's and never want to divide your friends in the middle of it. Just keep your distance and find a better guy. Or if you know he'll be at the party don't go.


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