Ex unblocked and wants to re add me?

I'm still struggling with the breakup. I've been on holiday for the past month and it's been hard just being with my parents overseas and no friends to talk to in person other than over the phone.

The first time that he unblocked me and readded me I couldn't accept because it was too hard so I just ignored it. So he then blocked me because I didn't accept. Now he's unblocked me about 4 days ago and readded me yesterday.

About 3 weeks ago he sent me a text saying he misses me and wants to come home and make it work. I also couldn't reply to that because I am still heartbroken about me fighting for us and him giving up and just hanging out with a new girl. About a week after I didn't reply he got into a relationship with this new girl. About a week after that, I hear that he was discharged from the army because he got into a fight. Then back to present time is when he sent me the friend request.

Any advice please


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  • He sounds like a spoilt brat. Blocking and then unblocking, and then blocking again... is he 12 years old?

    He actually seems pretty messed up. He needs to sort his shit out before you even consider letting him back into your life.

    • Thanks for your answer, I appreciate it. I actually do think he's quite messed up and I agree he needs to sort his life out

    • good luck!

  • So having delt with a similar situation where my ex randomly left me and my son for a girl he met at a bar. He tried/begged for me to take him back after that... I said no... WHY? Because if he does it once he will more than likely do it again... don't give into a guy that leaves you for another girl...

    • Makes me so sad but I completely agree that he will do it again and again because he realised he could that first time

  • He sounds hurt and a little unstable. Do you want him back?

    • I tried so hard to make it work at first. I didn't include how after that he treated me so horribly (basically two timing me and her whilst telling me he wanted to be with me). He crawled back to me twice to then do that. My friends all say I deserve better and I'm starting to see it. Its just each time that I start to feel better he manages to pop up in my life

    • Then you're doing the right thing by cutting out of your life. Listen to your friends. If he's done this twice? Think to yourself, do you actually want to spend the rest of your life with this person? Are you ever going to trust him again? There are so many guys out there who will give you the love you deserve. You're putting in all of this effort and he's not changed. You need to prove now that you won't tolerate that treatment and cut him out completely.

      As for missing him, it's completely normal x Keep thinking of all the pain he caused you, think of all of his flaws, everything he did to hurt you without caring about how you would feel. Work on making yourself happier without him, and keep yourself so busy you don't have time to think about him. I know how hard it is, but sometimes we need to move on even though we still love someone.

    • I am so appreciative of your reply. That will really help me get through it. Thank you xx
      Can I ask, do you think I'm reading too much into the Facebook thing and him texting me? I've come to believe that actions speak louder than words now, and his words are weak and his actions don't reflect what he says

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