Does this sound like a good person?

once said he was with his mom, but she asked me if I knew were he was.
kept cheating on me a secret for a month.
lied about the details and fabircated a story.
if I ever brought up breaking up, he'd send pictures of us & say things like "u are the love of my life" "we're meant for each other".
dumped me after cheating and a week later had sex with another girl.
lied about drugs various times.
admitted to using me for sex after we broke up.
knew I cared about him and made it seem as if he had feelings for me when he didn't just so I would sleep with him.
cheated on his current girlfriend w me 6 times.
left me in a cold car while he went to a party and didn't feel badly about it.
told me he didn't like certain people but to their face would act like they were his bff's.
after break up said "Ill always love you" "we'll still end up together" to keep me waiting around. would text & go to lunch with other girls.
found him laying with other girls at parties.
would say 1 thing but act completley differently.
thought highly of himself and had a hard time admiting he was wrong.
people called him a robot because they said he had no feelings.
was verbally manipulative, knew exactly what to say to get me to do what he wanted.
drinks hard alcohol every night.
I found a message on his phone saying "OMG I am so done with her" but he never brought up what was wrong to me, acted like everything was fine.
list could go on and on..
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  • nah sounds like a cunt to me but my opinion doesn't matter ask yourself if he does if thats hard find some1 just like him and ask yourself if they r a good person


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  • He sounds like a person who is selfish and has no consideration for anyone else's feelings. He is the type of guy I wouldn't consider as " nice" or " good". He obviously doesn't value loyalty. Manipulators are one of the most destructive of people. They'll intentionally hurt others in order to get what they want. I despise Manipulators.


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  • To be honest, you sound perfect for eachother, you slept with him when he was with anothe girl so you are just as bad.

  • I feel like I just read this on another website.


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