My ex just asked me what I'm doing and how I've been?

We didn't talked for a month, and that's the longest we didn't talk to each other. He broke up with me a while back because he was afraid of the commitment. And we've been together for 3 years, in LDR. Honestly I still feel like crap. Just empty and moody, trying to get by and get used to not having him anymore. My life sucks at the moment and that's what I'm doing and how I've been. And it's because of him. So what the hell do I answer to "what you doing and how you've been?"? Is he hoping for me to tell him that I'm great and that I'm totally over him and that we can chit-chat now? Why does he even care? I don't know if I should even answer him... But if I do, what should I say?

  • Act like all is awesome and tell him you've been doing great!
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  • Tell him the truth about how miserable you are.
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  • Tell him you're okay, that you've been doing nothing special, be short and distance and don't prolong the convo.
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  • Ignore him.
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  • Other.
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by the way. I'm still stuck in the stage where I would kind of want him back. It sucks, I know.


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  • First of all you're saying you still want him back. Do you have a great reason for wanting to get back together with him? Or are you planning on getting over him, despite feeling this way?
    If you want to move on completely, just ignore him.
    If you want to get him back then i'd suggest you tell him you're doing fantastically. Though honestly, during a break up the best thing you can do is work on making yourself happy without him. Do all of the things you couldn't do while you were dating. Learn something new, pamper yourself. Feel fantastic and keep yourself so busy you won't even have time to think about him.

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