Last night at a party?

My ex-boyfriend and I split up. Turned out I got dumped for another girl, either that or he moved on really quick. Anyway I have a new boyfriend (must stop relationship jumping!) and last night we all were at a party. I was nervous, my feelings are still very strong for this guy. His new girl was all over him and my new guy was all over me (which is something I don't like). Both of our new partners noticed that we kept looking at each other. He kept finding a way to be near me, talk to me and look at me. He was drunk though. Should I take this as honesty of a drunken mind or curiosity of a drunken mind? I felt really uncomfortable at the party so my boyfriend and I left. He jumped the fence and ran up to the car, only looking at me, to find out where we were going. I know all the signs seem like he likes me, and wants me back but he is content with his new girl. He really really cares for her. It kills me to know this, I'd rather him wanting me back but his happiness is important to me. What do you think he is thinking? Oh and on MSN the other day he told me there will always be something there for me. I don't want to play games, but I can't get over this one.


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  • Should I take this as honesty of a drunken mind or curiosity of a drunken mind?

    I would say drunken honesty; I have a theory: You know how as you drink, you lose your fine motor skills? It's like as more alcohol enters your system, your farthest-out thoughts and actions get removed; People can't disassemble or do things that require fine control. They move closer to their core thoughts and feelings, to who and how they really are, so feelings and thoughts that might not have come out when sober are often expressed.

    I believe he still likes you; He may truthfully care for this new girl, but he's said it out loud (and in his actions), there will always be something there for you.


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  • dont expect much he was drunk, and the ex girlfriend is usually a f*** buddy.


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