Why does my ex girlfriend treat me like sh*t?

My girlfriend of two years just decided to end it one day with a text saying "this isn't working out". I begged and begged for a reason but she never said anything. We were so happy together, we never had a single fight and the breakup came out of nowhere. She didn't say a single word to me afterwards so I stopped trying to contact her. It's been 4 months since the breakup and I called her a week ago and asked her if we were on speaking terms and if we could be friends and she told me we were always on speaking terms. But whenever I pressed further into why she broke up with me she got p*ssed and told me she was going to hang up. I've called her 3 times since then and she's always picked up the phone saying "what do you want" or "what is it now?" I don't understand what I did wrong. She never answers any of my texts.


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  • "I begged and begged for a reason but she never said anything"

    "we never had a single fight and the breakup came out of nowhere"

    "and she told me we were always on speaking terms" + "She never answers any of my texts."

    Contrary to popular media representations, begging does nothing unless the girl is a Dominatrix style control freak (and they have no respect for men anyway so need to be told where to go - out of the door). Begging doesn't solve the problem nor does it bring it back. You'll pour your heart out and she won't take you back unless she's desperate.

    Why? Simple - look at the second quote above.

    No fights doesn't mean a great relationship, in fact, it's quite the opposite. When you don't argue with a girl AT ALL, that's probably one of the worst signs because if anything's eating at her it's not getting resolved. Whatever annoyed her continues to eat at her every day until she explodes - that's when the break up happened. She no longer cares and thus doesn't feel bad about the break up. A break up doesn't come out of nowhere if you've got your eyes and ears open. You stopped paying attention, missed a couple of massive warning signs and got dumped - learn from that mistake by going over everything in your head recently and thinking what could have caused it.

    You guys were never on speaking terms otherwise she'd have said something after you guys broke up. She said that because you busted her by asking her whether or not you were on speaking terms. Her reason for ignoring you is because she's still p*ssed off to hell about whatever the break up was over.

    In short: the reason behind the break up doesn't matter as she's gone and is angry at you. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as they say which means stay the hell away from her. Move on, mate. She's gone crazy and won't explain why which makes her even crazier.

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