Is there a chance for us?

Hi all,

My fiancé of 6 years broke up with me early January. Today is the day I finally move out and into my new place and it's so hard. 😞

We were so very close until about 2 years ago, I put on some weight, felt crap about myself and this impacted on my self-esteem and us.

It perpetuated a cycle of self loathing, which I know is not attractive, and I went from a confident woman to never initiating any sex life.

We ended up in having some horrible rows, I turned to drink to numb it (bad decision) and we both stopped trying. The pivotal moment came when he said he isn't 'in' love with me anymore.

He still gets upset when we talk/see each other. Says he wishes things were different. Today I saw him as I've been in the house last few weeks and he helped me take some furniture apart, he broke down massively (I've been living among the memories so far all this time, so I guess he'll have to do that when he moves back when im gone this weekend.)

My question is, could two people who were so connected and close once, ever have a chance again after some time and space? Does it / can it happen?

I've tried not contacting him but we've had so many practical things to sort out that it's proved difficult not to, I'm also very 'heart on sleeve' so when I do contact him often its ended up with me in tears.

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. He's my one and only 😞 Xx


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's possible, depending on how much patience & love is containing each one of you.
    I'm in simillar situation, but me and my girlfriend we're together for more than 4 years,
    I will try to contact her and see what happens, she told me that she overcome the pain for me, but I don't believe her in this way.

  • I don't think these things are salvageable. Just grieve heal and move on

    • If only it were that simple. Thank you for your reply though X

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    • At least you found out before marriage. I don't think this was ever meant to be. True mutual love survives everything

    • I think you're right. You can't force someone to love you. Thank you for your replies X

What Girls Said 1

  • I believe it your time to think about yourself. So, be thankful for this break up. You have to get yourself together. Love you, some you. Believe me if you don't love yourself how can anyone else love you except for God. Focus on your healing and getting yourself back to who you once was. If, he is meant to be he will be. But, if not at least you will be your confidence back. It will hurt for a while cry yell scream do it all. I promise one day it will stop hurting and will be a distant memory. You'll find yourself on here giving some other lady the same advice. Be Bless and Love you, some you.

    • Those are very wise words hun, thank you xx I think I'm grieving for who we used to be. Never loved anyone so much, never thought it possible actually. But I know we fell apart together, was both our fault. I just feel guilt, so much regret that I could've done more. I don't think anyone else is involved in the breakup, but the thought of him touching someone else makes me feel physically sick. You're a very kind person. Thank you again xxx

    • Your are very much welcome. Like I said, if he is The One for you he will be. But, if he is A One to get you to The One God has for you. Allow the process of healing to begin. Allow God to heal you from the inside out. Watch how your whole life will change and be much better for it. Always remember, God love for you is greater than anyone or thing. Be Bless

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