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So me I broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago I broke up with him cause he left to Nebraska and didn't bother calling me for 4 days so I began to think the worse and I got scared and I was on my period so we argued and o ended up ending it okay 2 days pass of us not talking and I text him and told him I was sorry and I loved him and missed him and how. It was a stupid mistake he texted me back that he was going to give me my items that he was coming back Tuesday etc so I text him Tuesday hey so o guess u don't want to work anything out he told me no that he lost all love for me within 2 days that's bull Shit I asked him I'd there's was someone else he said no but I think otherwise he distant him self when he went away didn't call me for 4 days o cries over him and the fact that he didn't want to fix things even though it was nothing major I never cheated or lied to him another thing I was the one paying for the everything.. putting gas in his car paying for food constantly he was very needy materialistic wise but no one knows why I fell for him my friends think he never cared and that he just used me cuz it seemed like o always put in more effort then he did... But okay so Tuesday I asked him to come over so we can talk etc cuz he said he still cares that he enjoyed the time we spent together but he wants to be my friend so back to it I asked him to come over and talk to see were things went wrong with us cuz I was doing everything in my power to keep this relationship good but he wasn't putting in effort like was... But he agreed to coming over on wenesday and o text him early if he was going to come he confirm that he was and o told him please don't tell me u going to come and not come he said yes he was coming that he would let me know so I waited since ,6am on him he flaked on me text him he never replied back I called he forwarded my call so I feel like he's playing a game with me why say yes to coming over and talking then not showing up... I need advice plea
I forgot to say we was together 2 months everything was good at first then he started acting weird distancing himself
I also forgot to way he would constantly ask me for stuff also and I would never say no to him he owe me money also anD he has something of mine at his house I was really looking forward to seeing him.. but can't force no one to be with u I just want to know u guys opinion


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  • there isn't an easy way to sugar coat it. he was never really serious about the relationship and you need to move on and find someone who will treat you with the love and respect you deserve.


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  • If you feel as thought whilst he was away somethings wasn't right then that's probably true! Four days of not speaking is not ok! Especially as times like that you miss each other you want to talk! I know it can be hard but I would try to move on or find out the truth but doesn't look like he's willing to try! Never chase!

    • I asked him to tell me the truth he says there's no other girl etc but I think He saying that to keep me around...

    • I've been in the same situation! You need to tell him how you're feeling deeply! Sit him down and ask him straight up you will know if he's not being honest

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