Let him see that I am not worth it?

Well me and this guy (we will call him Tom) went out for 6 months and things were going so fast it was unbelievable. He was from a broken home, a lost soul who lived on his own planet... We really understood one another, never even thought life would be bearable without him cheering me on. But then I met someone else and I got a little bit greedy and I left him for this guy... Things we sour between me and the new guy and I left.

I met *tom the other day and it looked like he had given up on life and it was all my fault, he told me that I never really gave him himself that I left and took him with me, things were going great before we split but now he went downhill, I still love him, I do, but I know that I am gonna do the same thing to him all over again... What should I do?


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  • stop being selfish and think about what your actions have done to the people you supposedly care about. try being a decent human being and see how that works out for the people around you.


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  • Perhaps tell him the truth? Explain to him that you don't want to hurt him like that again, and let him know you're still going to be there for him, just not in a romantic way.


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