Did Karma ever SNATCH your ex?

Im not tlaking about people who broke up on good terms. Im talking about someone who wanted any reason to leave because he was:
thought the grass was greener on the other side,
committment phobe but wanted to string you along for the ride


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  • i had an ex who cheated on me repeatedly for the 2 years we dated (once i found out i dumped her). after which she basically told me i was a coward and a bunch of other b. s. she'd started dating (or hooking up) with this other guy who, as she put it, was a far better than me, an artist, yadda yadda yadda

    i wouldn't necessarily say it was karma but it could be... about 3 months later she called me all upset wanting me to give her some sort of reassurance. apparently the guy was not an artist, had a girlfriend, and hadn't even given her his real name (oh and by the way he was a pin jockey at a bowling alley). essentially she'd been real life catfished before catfishing was happening on the internet... i guess you could call it karma

    • what did you say to her when she called you on the phone looking for assurance? thats bullcrap because she has family and friends to seek assurance from.. she wanted you back because she knew deep down she did you wrong and you were good to her!

    • i basically told i'm sorry to hear that but got off the phone quick. i wasn't going to rub it in her face but i definitely wasn't going to be a shoulder for her to cry for hours

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  • I'm not sure if this counts, but my ex dumped be for all 3 reasons. Like after one girl took interest in him he thought that the grass was greener and wanted to try it out. He thought that since he's gonna get into a university he's gonna have like a bunch of girls to pick from. So he dumped me in order to be free to fuck them and have fun. Well, almost 2 years have passed and he hasn't fucked a single girl since me. Just no luck lol. No one wants him.

    • The first girl who took interest in him... did she leave him? did it last long?
      whats wrong with his personality that NO females take interest in him!
      this sounds like someone I know as well. He has a god paying career and everything, but hard for him to find females.

    • She moved to another one. Didn't had interest in him for too long. And I really have no idea why they are not interested in him, he is really good looking and has a great convo with people. Girls liked him a lot when he was with me. I guess it's it - karma.

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  • I have an ex where at the time of bring with her said she just wanted to be single.


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  • What do you mean by snatch? Like have a similar thing happen to them?

    • yup, as in life humbles them

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    • Okay so I met this guy through mutual friends and he was like the ultimate player, always boasting about how many girls he has slept with and how he would just use them and lie to them all the time. Anyway, me and him got talking and realized we have a lot in common so we became friends. We had a whole group of friends which we always hung out with. Eventually he started liking me. I was not into it at all. After a lot of work he finally got me to go on a date with him and everything went great, we had a great time. After a while I really did start to have feelings for him and well his feelings for me just become more and more intense until one night he let the L word slip. Of course I could not say it because I was not there at all. I really let go of all his player ways and was doing everything to try to get me to feel the same way about him. After a few months of dating, I realized that he is really not someone I can see myself with for a long time. Then I broke it off.

    • He was absolutely devastated and I felt extremely bad, but after like two months, our whole group got together again and he got up and told everyone how he f**ked a girl and literally every detail about that night and I could see he only wanted to see how I reacted towards the information. But I didn't flinch. In that moment I felt great about being the one to have broken his heart, to be the one to let him feel what those other girls feel. Until this day he is still talking to his friends about me and I can still see the hurt in his eyes whenever I see him. I am not proud of hurting him, I just think this was suppose to be karma's way of teaching him a lesson, but I guess he has yet to learn it, and karma's eventually going to come again and bite him in the ass even harder.

  • All of the above sounds like my ex. Still waiting on the karma aspect. One coincidence is he has court for his dui and it's the time we started dating 3 years ago. We've been split up for 4 months now and he's already in a new relationship


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