Your favorite gay musician?

Lemme know who I left out.
  • Elton John
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  • Scissor Sisters
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  • K.d. lang
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  • Melissa Etheridge
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  • Sophie B. Hawkins
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Looks like a left out a couple who've been marred by death and disgrace -- George Michael and Freddie Mercury.
OK what's your favorite Elton song?

I'm going with Levon.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Agh mannnn. I'm stuck between Elton John and Scissor Sisters. I like them both for different reasons so it's hard to choose, haha. I'm gonna say Elton though I think, because I always really liked him when I was growing up, and still do.


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  • I like Elton John, originally I didn't, but I eventually realised he is an underrated artist... I know he is famous, but how much of his fame is based on his music? I love the score for the lion king.

    • I would say all his fame is based off his music. The rest is just chatter.

    • Yes I'd agree with categorising it as chatter, but it did get him a lot of exposure... People my age and younger only seem to see him as 'that gay guy', in that way he is famous enough for them to have heard of him, but I guess it's different now. He released a lot more music back 10 years ago or so, since then I think he has dropped off the music radar for the new generation of kids, who now only see him in a parody form.

    • The song Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding is AMAZING.

  • By leaving out Rob Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest, you have essentially alienated the entire metal fan community from this question =(

    • Rob Halford is great, I first learnt about him after he and Yngwie Malmsteen did a cover of Mr Crowley. I have also went through a Judas Priest phase.

    • The entire metal fan community is already alienated from me by virtue of being metalheads.

    • Favorite Elton song is Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding. Its the first two tracks off of the Yellow Brick Road album, with the first track being the instrumental portion (Funeral for a Friend) and the second track being the portion with vocals (Love Lies Bleeding) but they are actually one song. Musical masterpiece IMO.

  • I have chosen sophie b. hawkins. So which one are you keen on? :p

  • Freddy Mercury

    • I spelled his name wrong. *Freddie

    • Yeah another massive oversight on my part.

    • I forgot about him! God knows how, Queen are my favourite band, I even went to see them :S Minus Freddie of course, unfortunately I am only 19 and would have been young if I'd went to see them in concert. I pick him as my external choice from the poll :D

  • Elton John


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