Bummed out that my ex never even bothered to wish me a happy birthday...😕?

I know that sounds stupid, but it's genuinely disappointed me. We are supposed to be 'friends' and anyone else who means/meant something had wished me a nice day.

Im so pissed since his is tomorrow and I was going to wish him a happy birthday, but I don't think I will. I know he knows the date of my birthday, and he still never bothered. He knows our birthdays are a day ap

Do you think he did this to annoy me?
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  • My ex didn't wish me a happy birthday, the 'friends' thing is just a load of crap. nobody is actually still friends after a month or 2. My ex husband who was my best friend for years and we ended our marriage on excellent terms still didn't wish me a happy birthday.

    • Interesting... Okay so my ex and I broke up nearly 4 months ago. I use to initiate wishing him over holidays. But this year i stopped, apologized for something and made it clear it was last time i ever would reqach out. On Valentine's day, he texted me wishing me a happy day and included a memory and how he was my 1st valentine. Why?

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