Is this a generic text? Easy question? :) thanks lovelies?

Ex just text saying:

'Happy Birthday. I hope you have a nice day :)'

this is after almost a year apart now, so what do you think?

  • Fairly generic.
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  • You're still on his mind a whole year after breaking up
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  • It means nothing.
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  • He's is being friendly.
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  • Other... EXPLAIN please :)
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  • He did that because you are on his mind. That is his olive branch to strike up a conversation

    • Now, I wish. But are you SURE? I replied to his text with 'yeah thanks drunk :)' and he never got back to me. Seems like he doesn't care :/

    • Men are simple. They don't do stuff just to do stuff. If you weren't on his mind or didn't care. He would of never sent a text.

    • Aww I don't know. He sent it late in the day as if he didn't really care anyway.

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  • Don't read into it. Say thank you and I'm sure the conversation will end there and he was just being nice

    • Thanks :) I thought so too!

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