So yeah ex text me happy birthday and I replied with... Also am I a bitch?

So he text me with:

'Happy Birthday. I hope you have a nice day :)'

and i replied with:

'yeah drunk thanks :)'

and he replied. Was I bitchy?
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And he *NEVER* replied that should read


Most Helpful Guy

  • Weird reply, but you weren't bitchy no... Although I never understand the point of ex's texting each other on special occasions. Just seems like dragging the process on in my eyes to be honest.

    • Exactly! It is dragging it out. Now we've been split up nearly a year. It's his birthday tomorrow... and honestly? I REALLY don't feel like wishing him a happy birthday :/ as bad as that sounds.

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    • Not really, just makes you true to yourself.

    • Good point.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You're a bitch, but who cares? Everyone is and being a bitch is great, it allows you to see bad things as amusing.

    • So, you think my reply was bitchy then?

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    • Yeah go ahead and if he catches feelings just shoot him down

    • Yeah I will thanks :) doubt me being ever so slightly bitchy will make him want me any! Haha

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  • If anything it's a bit confusing.


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