Why my boyfriend never said goodbye?

My boyfriend of 2 years made dinner plans with me and never showed up. Hasent answered a single text or call. Im hurt and confused and crying. I don't know what happened and why. How do i just move on without clouser?


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  • The most painful goodbyes are the unspoken and unsaid ones. It leaves you constantly wondering why. A clear rejection is less painful than someone's silence, because rejection is only a temporary statement... but ignoring/silence is an endless question.

    Two years is a long time so he should at least respect you enough to let you know where you stand and why he has decided to end it. Sometimes you learn more about a person at the end of a relationship than you do during it.

    Getting answers doesn't necessarily give you closure , it just makes just hurt you even more. I have realised in life, that some things are not meant to be understood... just accepted. You can't control someone else's feelings or actions -only your own , so use the time you have to heal and move on instead of constantly pinning for him and wondering why he left.


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