Is it this bad? I haven't heard from him all day?

I'm normally not a clingy type but when I girls met my boyfriend he always talked me a lot more. I asked him yesterday night when he wants to go workout with me. I got no response. I didn't text him at all today to see if he would text me and once again no text. When I saw him I explained that it hurts me he makes no innative to talk and I thought he would change but he hasn't. Is this a bad sign? I only see him on Fridays then leaves on Saturdays. He works third shift Monday through Friday. But still has all the time just to say hi or somethings I means come on. I would give him some slack but in the beginning he acted different.


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  • everything is beautiful in the beginning or lets say first year, if there is communication issues, one day they might lead to break up, so I suggest to talk to him, while it's time,
    I was in same situation my girlfriend didn't speak about anything, always waited I to choose the topic, and here we are dealing with breakup after 4 years.


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