I want to fully get over my ex?

My ex and I broke up about four months ago now, we have been in contact a few times outside of work (we see each other at work once every fortnight). I've tried just being his friend (twice) and it obviously failed.
He is now with a new girl, for a few weeks now she's not really his type but looks very similar to me. But very much different from me personality wise. It really hurts he's moved on so quickly. All the while sending me mixed messages and wanting to desperately stay friends. His behaviour in the beginning was very cold and distant and had blocked me off all social media and refused to talk to me for the first few month or so. I did everything wrong begged looked pathetic etc and he just pulled away even further. But now as we have cut all contact outside of work and I'm making no effort to reconcile he is giving me signs he misses me, he stares at me at work, flirts/jokes around, even asked if I needed a lift home the other night. (Hasn't done that in many months. And is being uncharacteristicly nice and apologetic for things he doesn't have to apologise for. I have to say I've been heartbroken for months especially when I heard he was dating someone new. I went through all the stages. But I've kept my cool and acted happy for him. But now he seems worried I've moved on. We dated for four months, the split was only one sided as he was the dumper. I didn't agree at all. And it was pretty rough. He's gone from ignoring me to seemingly rubbing the new girlfriend in my face even lying in the beginning about being with her to going on about it to make me jealous taking any chance to talk about plans he has with her, but acting super friendly and flirty with me, even touching me on the back as he jokes around, and also making remarks/compliments. I've lost a lot of weight since the break up telling me I looks super skinny and pretty. Am I going crazy or is he becoming interested again because I'm not reacting badly to his new girlfriend.
I should add we were best friends, did everything together then all of a sudden I can't even be in the same room anymore, he has hurt me so much. Plus his personality has changed drastically, he tells me he doesn't love me, doesn't care over text. But his behaviour betrays him in real life (at work). He has a terrible poker face lol and he never used to go to parties now he goes our basically every weekend it seems?


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