Why would she ask me to come back?

So other day my friend and I went out to the bar and I knew the girl that I have been flirting with a lot lately was gonna be there. We got there and I talked to her for about 10 mins then she left to go talk to other friends after 20 mins she came back and we talked for another 10 mins the whole time we talked she would keep leaning up against me but I think that might have been the alcohol. She left again and I didn't see her for awhile so me and my friend got bored so we left. When she found out that I left she texted me and kept telling me to come back. I didn't cause I was getting late and I already wasted money on a cab. I don't know if she likes me or not. What do you think?


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  • she prooooooooobably likes you

    bcuz I kno if I like a guy, and we've been talkin previously...n then he leaves a party that we were both at, I would want him to come bck...n if I have his number I would ask him to come back


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  • I think you handled the situation EXCELLENTLY. You didn't force yourself on her, you didn't lolly-gag around for her, you cut straight to the chase. You came and had a fun time, she left and you wanted to say goodbye, but didn't wait for her to come back.


    Okay, this girl is probably thinking your rude for leaving without telling her goodbye, but if you play it off like nothing is wrong, she is gonna go "Whoa, this guy doesn't NEED me around..." which is a huge killer to the ladies. It shows that you have priorities in your own life and that she is welcome to be a part of it, but that she isn't your entire life (especially with this being only the start of the attraction stage).

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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