Should I stay friends with my ex-girlfriend?

18 months ago I met this girl who was my lab partner for a college class. We started talking for a few months and found out that we have extremely similar personalities but the only difference was that she was Catholic and I'm Pentacostal. Dating went well but it always seemed to bug her that I wasn't Catholic. I met her family and her dad was talking about how our religions were similar and that there were a lot of misconceptions about the Catholic Church.

Interested in my girlfriend I decided to learn a bit about her beliefs and faith. It turns out there were similarities but also differences on top of that there were things I didn't quite understand or believe in. When I asked my girlfriend question about things I didn't understand she couldn't give me an answer because she didn't know and when I asked her why she did stuff (usually stuff I didn't believe in. I asked in case I might of had misconceptions), she also couldn't answer. This went on for a while with her trying to convert me to the Catholic religion but I didn't end up changing mainly because of the things I didn't understand of believe in.

We talked about some things and she said that in the future if she were to marry she'd want it to be in the Catholic Church by a priest and that she'd want to raise the kids Catholic, which I agreed I didn't mind. She also wanted me to go to church with her and attend important church events with her, which I also agreed too because I wanted to be part of the important parts of her life and keep my beliefs. We dated for 15 months and just recently she broke up with me. Things seemed to be going well and she always seemed really happy and excited to see me, but she broke up with me because I wasn't Catholic and said that she realized that even if I converted then she wanted someone more religous than her. I love her, she loves me and we're taking some space and then staying as friends.

Is it a good idea to stay friends? Any Advice?
Just a few more facts.
-I was her first boyfriend.
-Her parents had the view that we should break up due to religous differences.
-Others in her family thought it was okay that she had religious differences.
-The relationship while it lasted was amazing, I was just unable to give her what she wanted and needed
-Neither of us really wanted to break up. She broke up with me because she thought it'd be better for both of us in the long run. I respected that.


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  • Not so soon no as itll make moving on harder. Give it some space. But exs can be friends. One of mine we broke up 2/3 years ago and he knows everything about me yet we know we won't work

    • Do you think things could possibly work out with religious differences or that their might be a better solution to dealing with them over just saying friends? I was just curious because I didn't see a huge deal with having a difference in beliefs and even tried to do things to make it work out. This is just for future reference and not necessarily for this ex.

    • Sure it should work as surely religions are supposed to be accepting of others..

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