Huge question for exes?

Do you have a better chance getting back with your ex if he blocked you and stayed distant
or if. He is cordial and friends with you?

do you believe sometimes men act like jerks after a breakup and ignore because they are hurt?
They say the opposite of love is indifference. So it would make sense being buddy with your ex decreases the likelihood of getting them back,,
whats your take


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What Guys Said 1

  • I hate to admit it. Sometimes we men act like jerks. for some reasons. Focus on your own. Let him think, let him realize on his own that he loves you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, i believe that.. .. communication saves relationships and silence causes distance. If someone ignores me then they are just teaching me how to live without them in my life , and it'll help me to move on from them.

    Usually when an ex ignores you, it's either because they feel hurt , or they are trying to move on from you. If two people are going to get back together then it will be through keeping in touch by communicating


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