Girlfriend broke up with me?

We only dated for 3 months but before this one got out of a year relationship bc of cheating. I didn't want anything serious and the new girl knew I was jaded and still wanted to do something she said she is good for me etc... I told her I have trust issues she said I can ask her what ever.

so I find a guys watch at her place, she says it's her exs... Then her ex is texting her at midnight asking what she is doing... She deletes his number. Then I notice she is still friends with him on Facebook and is liking stuff he is posting while we are together. That speaks volume. Then I find men shorts at her place she said its her gay guy friends, now I'm finding random condoms in her place and in her car. We don't use protection. During the day when I text her hey baby etc she doesn't reply for like 6 hours and when she does it's super basic. She only wants to see me on weekends.

all of this said I started question her bc I didn't know if I could trust her. She got upset and broke up with me saying she doesn't like to be questioned etc and I'm not healed from my last relationship.

She text me the next day asking for her phone charger... I didn't reply I'm too broken hearted...


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  • I'm so sorry this happened to you. She has serious issues to have treated you like that. And you didn't use protection? That's an red flag big time... always always always use protection!!! She didn't appreciate you maybe because you were heartbroken and your best light didn't shine. Or maybe she didn't want the hassle of supporting someone emotionally. I've learned that your close friends and family are the only ones who need know your personal deep feelings or hang ups not your lover especially early in the relationship. As they just don't deserve it, this type of connection needs to be earned. Give the charger to a mutual friend that she can collect it from and act like she doesn't exist. You don't need her and she needs to know that.

    • Our mutual friend warned her of my emotions. And we talked about she told me she will show me she can be trusted I can ask what ever she gives me her phone etc. I personally think she left me for another guy. With the shady stuff I was finding

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