Need a guys point of view regarding ex?

I sent my ex an email last night explaining that his contacting me is not doing any good and that Id prefer if he deleted my number and let me move on.

We split 3 months ago and he went NC then started go call me a month ago then a week ago on Valentine's day for no apparent reason.
Last week he asked me to meet him and I said no as it wasn't a good time for me as I was on holiday.

After sending the email yesteray, i went to a friends house and when I came back, I had 2 missed calls and 3 messgaes and when he saw I was online, he called me 4 times.

We ended up getting into an argument via text with him calling me desperate as I asked him to meet me to discuss everything.
he's the one who iniatated the contact after the BU

We were texting for hours, mainly insults to be honest about how much we hate each other ha ha.
He went on to tell me how much he hates me, doesn't want me, how happy he is with his new (made up) girlfriend and then sent me photos of him and his mother (who I love)
He asked me not to contact him... Then he contacts me.

I don't understand what he wants from me. I need a males point of view if possible... Ha ha x
I did cut off all communication and had deleted his number etc.
He started again with the messages and calls.
I said a lot things back to him too that im not proud of.
When I asked him what he wanted he apologized for his behaviour while we were dating and asked to meet.
If he contacts me again what do I do?
I'm not over him at all, and he was over me why would he be initating contact?

Valentines Day

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  • In my honest opinion cut off all contact and stop responding. It seems like you're not over the guy because you keep responding to his immature insults. The fact that he's saying all these negative things should give you the answer to this question.


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  • Unless your ex is texting you back stating they want to be with you again you, you shouldn't be contacting him in any way. You desperately trying to talk to him is a sign of desperation and you will come across as just that. The only reason he is contacting you is because he wants to keep his options open while knowing you will still be there for him ready to stroke his ego when it suits him. You are literally playing right into his hand by being available and still giving him the time of day.

    If he wants you back, he'll ask you out again and will tell you so. Till then stop contacting him!

    • I wasn't trying to contact him at all.
      Since the breakup I've been going on dates etc and he was the one who got back in touch with me via phonecall and messages.
      Last week he wanted to meet and kept saying how good I am etc, I was the one who iniatated the BU although I didn't want to.
      Since last week I have initiated contact twice only and only via text.
      Yesteray he tried to call numerous times after I sent the email.
      I love him very much and want a future with him.
      Its like a game of cat and mouse tbh and I know he still cares for me otherwise this wouldn't be going on.
      If I didn't care for an ex I wouldn't bother like he does.

Valentines Day